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Damage Inspections & Cargo Claim Investigation

At Survelinq we conduct damage investigations and reports; damage and claim investigations of chilled, frozen food and dry cargo transported by any means of transport.


Refrigerated and frozen cargo inspection

Specializing on reefer transportation of foods and other agricultural products, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and temperature sensitive products, in reefer containers of vessels or trailers.


Warehouse Inspections

The knowledge and experience of our surveyors result in the capacity to inspect warehouses and logistic chains from a preventive point of view. A risk assessment can be made through checking the cargo storage conditions, for example the maintaining of temperature, peculiarities of stowage, or other special conditions necessary for proper storage of the specific types of cargo.


Warehouse theft & in-transit theft investigations.

Demonstrated experience with theft cases in combination with a close-knit network of specialist often resulted in tracing stolen goods and the apprehension of perpetrators. The road to this success is paved through maintaining close ties with (inter)national police authorities, private investigators, buyers of wholesale lots in combination with our persistence to uncover the circumstances under which the theft took place.

About our company

The SurveyLinq network consists out of selected independent marine cargo surveying companies. All associated companies are selected strictly on basis of professionalism, knowledge, and experience.

Our main goal is to provide each and every principal with top quality services in all of the countries we are represented.

We guarantee a professional approach and specific expertise in the management of claims. Our powerful and close-knit global network provides high-quality services in the event of a claim.

The SurveyLinq network is not only based on mutual business but even more based on an exchange of knowledge, know-how, and experience in order to sustain a long-term relationship between surveyors and our principals.
Our surveyors work together, using modern communication technologies. We strive to make the administrative necessity as easy and minimal as possible.

Not only swift intervention is required in case of cargo claim, but have the right person handling the subject claim is just as necessary in order to establish the loss correctly. Within the SurveyLinq network we have all disciplines to handle your claim at a high quality standard.

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Our Services

The SurveyLinq associates each have their own qualified marine and non-marine surveying staff ready to offer the advantage of their vast experience in the following fields:

• P&I, Hull, Machinery and Technical surveys.

• Loss prevention activities including: 
– Outturn Surveys
– Pre-loading, stowage, lashing & securing inspections
– Tracer surveys
– Risk assessment
– Advice on packing, loading and handling
– Warehouse inspections
– Prevention advice on risk of fire, burglary and flooding
– Inspection/damage surveys to containers, trailers,
trucks and motor cars

• Non-marine surveys and investigations (theft, fire damage etc.)

• Damage surveys on a wide range of cargoes and commodities including:
– Foodstuffs (fresh, chilled and frozen)
– General dry cargoes
– Forest products
– ron & steel cargoes
– Chemicals (liquid / dry)
– Bulk cargoes (cereals, fertilizers, ore, coal etc.)

The strenghts of the SurveyLinq network

The strengths of the SurveyLinq network
The local Insurers and brokers, have direct contact with the local surveying market, speaking in their own language and deliberating about the claim are the main advantages, which cannot be replaced by our SurveyLinq’s international network. However, our network offers the local surveyors a close-knit international network to offer a solution wherever on the world with local expertise. 
Anywhere you have a claim, just contact our claims desk and we will take it from there. 

Global solutions with local expertise are where we stand for. 

As soon as we have received the appointment we will manage the claim, within an appropriate time window, according to our high-quality standard and in compliance with all the principals’ requirements. 

In case a claim is issued in a foreign country SurveyLinq can manage this claim in both countries on basis of the same standards and requirements, but without duplicating costs. All final reports are submitted in English but can always be issued in required other language.

Online Solutions

Our surveyors work together, using modern communication technologies. We strive to make the administrative side of our work as easy as possible, so that our surveyors can focus on personal attention and expanding their knowledge and experience. 

For this purpose, an online platform has been created. This platform provides not only a complete set of tools, but also makes reporting easy. All providing our surveyors the best preparation to handle the claim file complete, swift and at high quality standard.